-Customization pack-


The GameObject customization pack is a robust tool that provides users with the ability to customize any game object with the proper setup. This includes a wide range of objects such as guns, vehicles, and even human characters. The pack boasts a number of advanced features, including automatically generated menus, panels, buttons, submenus, and paint menus.
The object customization pack has the ability to calculate attachment modification values on the final customizable object's variable values and display those values to the user.
Furthermore, the pack offers users an impressive level of control over the appearance of their menus and user interfaces. Users can determine the size, width, height, the distance between UI objects, color, image, and title of all spawned menu objects. This level of customization allows users to create menus and interfaces that are tailored specifically to their game and design preferences.
In addition to these features, the object customization pack is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. The pack is easy to set up and use, even for those with limited technical expertise. With its powerful customization capabilities and ease of use, this object customization pack is an invaluable tool for game developers and designers looking to create truly unique and engaging game experiences.

How to use

  • Import the Package into the Project.
  • Follow the Youtube tutorial in this window or the detailed section bellow.
  • Enjoy

How to use [details]

Menu Manager

This menu is responsible for autogenerating all menus, buttons and other UI elements as well as general behavior of the customizable object logic.
Rotational Sensitivity and Scroll wheel Sensitivity affect the camera rotational and zoom in/out speed.
Required input is already set up. Leave it be.
Panels are the game objects in which the menus spawn. You have the ability to switch the sprite and adjust sprite color.
Buttons width and height determine the size of the button, offset is the distance between each spawned button in the Menu.
Button color determines the color of the Buttons, while text color determines the color of texts.
Variable data determines the color of the variable UI.

Customizable Object

This menu is responsible for setting up a customizable object menu and variable information.
It should be placed on the parent object of the customizable asset.
Object type is used to link the customized object and its data back to in game mechanics of the user choice.
Menu object name refers to the main menu from which all spawned menus will be called.
Main menu display name is the string that will be displayed in the Title text UI of the menu.
Min and Max distance are the distances are the maximum zoom in/out for the camera object Customizable Mats are the materials that the user will be able to customize. Drag and drop this customizable Object materials into this List.
Menus are the required menus for this object. SeqID is the sequence this object will be spawned in. if 2 menus have the same sequence id number they will Overlap and not work properly. Ensure the SeqID is unique.
Menu Name is the name for the specific menu, it should also be Unique.
Display name is what will be displayed to the user in the Title text UI Button image is the image that will be shown in the button object responsible for calling the menu View is an enum that allows for the repositioning of the camera based on the active menu.
[Don’t mess with my view] will ensure the camera position and rotation is only done through the use of the mouse When this menu is launched.
Variables are the variables and their values for this customizable object. Variable name is the name used to differentiate the variable and Value represents this customizable objects Base value.
Attachment component should be placed on any attachment in customizable object.
The string in Attachment List should match the Menu name in which this attachment should belong.
Attachment name is the attachment’s name while the display name is what will be shown in the title of this attachment’s button.
The Attachment image is the Image that will be shown in the Button’s sprite renderer.
ObjID or Object ID is this attachment’s identity, it must be unique in order for the code to function properly.
objID also represents the sequence this object will appear in the menu. Action must be Customize so that the program knows this Button’s purpose. Attachment Mod is the Modifier this attachment will apply to the base model. -5 mobility means if mobility was 20, it is now 15